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Want Whiter Teeth? Eat This!

Posted on: March 30th, 2015

Spring is here and that means warmer weather, sun and some of our favorite, fresh foods. Did you know some foods can actually help to whiten teeth?

DR. Joseph Baker

DR. Joseph Baker

Dr. Banker recommends these foods for a whiter smile:

•Nuts – such as almonds, cashews, walnuts, and sesame seeds are abrasive and simulate salivary flow. They help wash away plaque and can also remove stains.
•Raw Vegetables – food that are high in fiber and slightly coarse can act as a scrubbing agent for teeth.
•Strawberries – contain malic acid that can help remove surface stains. An easy way to use them is to crush up strawberries, combine with baking soda and brush with the mixture.
•Citrus Fruits – The tart taste and acid from citric fruits are effective in whitening teeth and stimulating salivary flow. Lemon juice mixed with baking soda can be used as a whitening paste and the inside of an orange peel can be used to scrub the teeth as well.
•Pineapple – contains an enzyme called bromelain that can assist in removing stains.

Celebrity dentist and founder of Creative Dental Care, Dr. Joseph Banker is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the Crown Counsel. He has been named a top NJ dentist five years consecutively and has contributed his expertise to Shape, Details, Real Simple, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, Newsweek, and Extreme Home Makeover.


LOVE2LOVE Fragrances

Posted on: March 23rd, 2015

I recently mentioned LOVE2LOVE fragrances in an article on Read it here:

love 2 love at

Here is some detail about each fragrance…

LOVE2LOVE Fresh Rose + Peach: This luscious scent opens with juicy notes of pear nectar and fresh caccis buds, evoking joy and optimism. Bulgarian rose oil infused with geranium infuses innocence and femininity, while musk and orris blend at the base bringing a dose of comforting warmth and tenderness to the fragrance.

LOVE2LOVE Jasmine + Sparkling Mimosa: Lighthearted and fresh, this fragrance represents the spirit of a radiant, carefree woman. The youthful and energetic blend of dewy peony and sparkling mimosa mingles with intoxicating jasmine and sweet pea join with warm rosewood and almond blossom at the base to wrap you in a veil of sensuality.

LOVE2LOVE Freesia + Violet Petals: Timeless and alluring, this scent begins with a sweet mix of peach blossom and lavender blooms then give way to feminine heart notes of freesia and violet blossom. The base notes of sheer musk and cedar wood emerge spontaneously.

LOVE2LOVE Orange Blossom + White Musk: A refreshing cocktail of sparkling bergamot and juicy orange notes opens this fragrance, followed by soft peony at the heart to create a feminine element. The trace of orris and white musk add a sensual aspect to the fragrance.

Price: $9.98

Where to buy: Walmart and

love2love fragrance


Spring cleaning on Studio 10

Posted on: March 22nd, 2015

With springtime right around the corner its time to start tackling those pesky household chores. Annie Hatcher from Its A Glam Thing shares some tips on how to make those household chores quick, safe and can also help save money. So let’s get our “June Cleaver” on and start cleaning!

Annie on Studio 10

Annie on Studio 10

Watch the segment here:

First off you want to protect your hands from any loss of hydration with a skin shielding product like Gloves in a Bottle. One quick spray will help lock in moisture and take the place of Grandma’s Old Yellow gloves. Believe it or not the overuse of water can take away moisture in the hands.

Start your cleaning off with baking soda. Baking soda is a very versatile product that can be used indoors and out. Use it in your pool to help maintain the pH balance. For example: if your pH balance is 7.2 add 2-3 lbs. of baking per 10,000 gallons of water. Not only can you use it for the pool but use it to clean your pots, pans your bathroom and so much more. It’s a safe and effective way to clean and will not harm your pets or your children.

Vinegar water is one of my favorite ways to clean my toilet bowl and the mirrors in my bathroom. Take vinegar of your choice Add 1/2 vinegar to 1/2 water and mix together. This will help clean mirrors in your bathroom without leaving streaks. For the toilet bowl, add some vinegar to your toilet bowl and let it set overnight. In the morning you will have streak free bowls. Also, vinegar can be used to help clean your shower head.

After cleaning your mirrors you can help eliminate steam buildup which will cause more dirt to your mirrors by using shaving cream. Take your shaving cream and shake it up. Apply a thin layer to your mirror and allow it to stay. While you are waiting for it to for it to do its job, try it out with a hot shower or allow steam into the room. This will help the shaving cream absorb unto the mirror for future use.

Now that we have cleaned let’s get organized. Take an extra jewelry organizer and instead of storing jewelry use it to organize all those cords we have from laptop, kindles, iPads, cell phones etc. Use a label maker to label which cord is which. Then also use the other side for little knick knacks such as pens, notepads, post its etc. This is also great in the kids room for Barbie’s shoes, accessories, and little parts to any toy boys or girls.

Last but not least organize your closet with a shoe organizer. Get a shoe organizer that hangs from the rod and use this to store notebooks, cards, remotes, you can also use it to store some of your hair tools, products etc. It’s another great small toy organizer and also can be used for those foam sandals we all seem to have so much of here in Florida but never quite know where to put them. The sections are big enough to store more than one thing but be sure not to exceed the weight limit of the rod in your closet.
Visit for more spring cleaning, beauty and style tips.


National proposal day style tips

Posted on: March 19th, 2015

This Friday, March 20th is National Proposal Day. If you’ve got a date night planned and think your significant other might pop the question, you’ll want to be sure to look your best!

Former plus-size model, blogger and Founder Aimee Cheshire has a few style tips to help real women prepare for this potentially momentous occasion:

· Wear an outfit you’re comfortable in, that makes you feel beautiful so you can truly be in the moment, rather than worrying about how you look. Try an easy-to-wear style like a shift dress that’s cut slightly away from the body for a roomy feel.



· If you know you’re going to be photographed (obviously, you’re going to post pics on Facebook and Instagram), wear something that skims the body and really compliments your curves. Try a wrap dress to hug your curves in all the right places!

wrap dress

wrap dress

· This is a special night for both of you, so wear something that highlights your best assets so you feel beautiful and confident, but also think about what your future fiancée would want to see you in and try to show off his favorite part of your body too! Does he love your legs? Try a hi-low style that shows just the right amount of skin.

hi low dress

hi low dress


“Take a seat” on Your Carolina

Posted on: March 19th, 2015

It’s a Glam Thing Fitness Expert Elizabeth Morrell presented this “Take a Seat” easy at-home exercise session today (March 19) on “Your Carolina with Jack and Kimberly”:

Your Carolina

Your Carolina

Watch the segment here:

Take a Seat

Equipment Needed:


1st Workout

Sit at the edge of the chair both feet planted on the floor

Extend your right leg out with your heel touching the floor (keep foot flexed)

Lift your leg to the height of you knee and place down and touch heel on floor

Repeat 10 times

Then hold leg level to knee then rise it above your knee and bring back level to knee

Repeat 10 times

Do the same motion on other side

2nd Workout

Sit at the edge of the chair both feet planted on the floor

Lift your right leg and swing it to the right so that you feel the pull in your inner thigh

Return your leg back to the front and repeat for 10 times

Do the same on motion on the other side

3rd Workout

Sit at the edge of the chair bring your right knee in towards your chest and then push forward (Keep foot


Repeat 10 times

Do the same motion on the other side


Fashion: just in time for spring

Posted on: March 19th, 2015

Enay Flack of Its A Glam Thing presented Pretty Fashion and Accessory items just in time for Spring.

Enya on Good Day

Enya on Good Day

Watch the segment here:

Items include:

Laura Ashley Is showing a lot of floral print blouses and tops under solid color cropped cardigans like this Laura Ashley Red Cropped Cardigan. Or, wear this knit cardigan with high-waisted trousers or a shift dress for a polished finish. This Cropped Cardigan is right on trend! ($54)

Again, from Laura Ashley, we have a pretty Spring look with the Laura Ashley Mini Patent Tote Bag. The vibrant hue of this sleek mini tote bag will add a pop of colour to your look this Spring season. With a slick patent finish, this bag also features a zip closure, internal pockets and is finished with cool silver-toned hardware. ($60)

Spring is all about flowers and embracing your feminine side. Nothing says Spring better than this pretty and functional WOMANSWORK Rose Pattern cotton Sun Hat . It is fully lined and machine washable. This Sun Hat blocks more than 95% of UVA and UVB rays! ($27)

Speaking of Sun Protection, Spring has made its way here and more of us will get outside into the sunshine. It is important to wear the right eyewear too. Be sure to protect your eyes this Spring! Etnia Barcelona Sun Glasses are a celebrity favorite and recently Selma Blair, Ryan Phillipe and Mark Paul Gosselaar were spotted wearing Etnia Barcelona Sun Glasses while out to lunch in Los Angeles. The lenses used at Etnia Barcelona eyewear are the most technologically advanced in the world,made by Barberini SpA, in Italy. They are made with toughened natural crystal lenses.They provide 70 times better vision than any plastic lens. With maximum UV protection, there are many collections with many designs for men and women and unisex. (Adult Glasses range over $100).

While stepping out this Spring. Sport a pair of Dr. Scholls Athletic shoes, casual shoes or sandals. We love Dr. Scholls Lace Up Reef Sneaks (Sneakers) in pretty Spring colors . The iconic Dr. Scholl’s shoes combine comfort and fashion into all styles. (prices vary)

Actress Eva Mendes Multicolor Collar Necklace is designed with a bevy of beautiful Spring colors. It is very feminine and it is (under $50)! You can wear it with a high collared shirt, a sweater, a fancy blouse, a top or a Spring dress. Eva Mendes collections have everything from necklaces to overcoats. Her jewelry category includes: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, rings and pins so there is plenty there to add to your Spring jewelry armoire.


10 things NOT to do to your skin

Posted on: March 18th, 2015

Today Dawn McCarthy of Its A Glam Thing shared 10 tips on what not to do to your skin on Arizona Midday.

Dawn on Arizona Midday

Dawn on Arizona Midday

Watch the segment here:

10 Things you should NOT do to your Skin..

Many beauty experts talk a lot about what you can do to nourish, hydrate and protect your skin, but there are also many things you should not do to your skin. There are many products with incredible ingredients that can improve and protect your skin, and good healthy habits, like wearing sunscreen and washing makeup off at night, that make a big difference.

Some of the best ways to enhance your skin actually have to do with what you don’t do to it! So here are 10 things you should never do if you want to maintain healthy, radiant skin.

1. Never pick at your skin! Picking at the skin on your face will only push dirt and bacteria deeper into pores, resulting in more breakouts. You can even cause a scaring by squeezing a pimple/zit. Endure it in the short term to save your skin in the long term. There are great over-the-counter products that will dry out the skin as well as many other great acne treatments on the market.

2. Never ?Test Too Many Products To avoid a skin nightmare, always test new products — cosmetics, lotions, and cleansers — on a small patch of skin on your inner arm. There’s nothing worse than having a severe reaction across your entire face.

3. ?Don’t ?Forget to clean your cell phone. Hours spent talking on your cell phone can lead to breakouts and rashes along your jawline and cheek. Make sure to keep antibacterial wipes with you to keep your phone (and skin!) clean.Use speakerphone whenever possible, you would be surprised at the bacteria on your phone…some say worse than a womens purse!

4. Never use expired products. This includes not only cleansers and moisturizers, but makeup as well. Eye products in particular should never be used past their expiration date, as they can cause severe irritation and even serious infection. Don’t think you’re saving money by using expired products. You’ll spend far more on products to clear up irritation and infections than you would by simply buying replacements.

5. Never yo-yo diet. Constant yo-yo dieting can negatively impact your skin: Frequent weight gain and loss can cause the fibers in your skin to loosen over time, creating stretch marks and sag. Eating too little food can cause skin to age faster, you can look gaunt, but too much food can lead to bloating, especially if you eat food laden with salt. Both of these states are bad, but bouncing between the two is even worse. Instead, try and reach a healthy weight and maintain it.

?6. Don’t forget to ? Remov?e? Makeup
When you sleep in your makeup, you’re basically asking for wrinkles. Falling asleep with your makeup on can lead to bacterial infections and clogged pores, which can cause acne. And, the residue that stays on your pillow can even make you sick. Keep makeup removing wipes next to your bed so you’ll be reminded nightly to remove your harmful makeup.

7. Don’t skip Sunscreen
We’ve all been told to never skip the sunscreen, but it’s often tempting when many of us spend our days indoors. Also, you don’t even realize just driving in your car, how much damage happens even if your windows are tinted Even a few minutes of sun exposure can lead to a breakdown of collagen though and that leads to fine lines and wrinkles. It’s recommended to wear sunscreen every day, rain or shine, so that you don’t get sun damage. Choose an SPF 30 and one that has zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

8. Don’t Pre-tan at a Salon
Pre-tanning at a tanning salon to get ready for the sun at the beach isn’t the great idea that it’s been cut out to be. In fact, whether you acquire a tan quickly for that party or trip, or slowly, you still damage your skin. Just like the sun, artificial tanning equipment beds and sun lamps emit UV rays that can cause burns, premature aging, and skin cancers, especially if you’re a higher risk, fair-skinned person who produces less melanin.

?9. Don’t ?Smok?e?-Just don’t do it!
You’ve heard about the risks of smoking (like lung cancer, heart disease, and emphysema). But have you ever noticed that the skin of elderly smokers tends to have a yellowish coloration? Next to sun exposure, smoking is the highest factor in wrinkling. In other words, smoking makes you look older!

?10. Never Over Exfoliat?e? & ?always use ?the Right Make-up Remover To much exfoliation removes the oil from your skin. As much as we want to exfoliate daily, some exfoliating scrubs might just be too harsh and cause redness and for your skin to become irritated. Our skin naturally sheds thousands of skin cells daily so just be careful. Lastly, use the right make-up remover that does not dry out and strip your skin.
Clearly, having healthy skin habits is just as much a matter of what you don’t do as what you do. It’s also important for you to understand what type of skin you have in order to truly benefit from products.

For more information, please feel free to contact
?or visit ?


Get ready for spring with Dawn

Posted on: March 18th, 2015

Dawn McCarthy of It’s A Glam Thing presents a selection of Spring products that are sure to make you happy and ready to take on Spring and Summer.

Spring Time

Spring Time

Watch the segment here:

Available at Nordstroms and Urban Outfitters Kocostar Foot Therapy and Split End therapy are great Body and Hair products for spring. Foot Therapy packed full of hypoallergenic, beautifying botanicals that will treat your feet to an exfoliating staycation. Simply pop out the cute booties, snip them in half and slip your feet in. Set the tabs for a snug fit and your treatment has begun! A nourishing and soothing hair treatment that hydrates and rejuvenates dry and damaged hair. Professional salon steam technology creates soft & silky locks in 15 – 20 minutes.

Probelle Nail Hardener and Nail Maintenance (with Garlic & Lime) work as a nail repair team. Nail Hardener (Formula 1) will cure, repair, and restore damaged nails that are thin, cracking, or peeling in 4 weeks. Applied on a daily basis and removed weekly. Nail Maintenance (Formula 2) will maintain nails healthy and using garlic and lime nails will be protected against fungus and maintained white. Applied with every manicure as a base coat. FOCUS: Nail Health, strength, and flexibility. Probelle Nail Lacquer it a thinner type of formula focusing on spreading nail lacquer evenly throughout the nail plate making natural manicures last up to 12 days in excellent condition. Nail Lacquer is DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde free.

Available at AJ stores Sassy Clips take a plain flip flop and make it into an extraordinary one. From fashion style flips as Haviannas, Ipanemas, Nike, Crocs, to Orthopedic Styles with Arches, Sassy Clips can turn any flip flop from Ordinary to Extraordinary. There are 100 different Sassy Clips designs to choose from, petite to larger designs. Great for giving for any occasion as a gift, as you don’t need to know someones shoe size, as Sassy Clips fit on any flip flop .Mothers Day, Teacher Gift, Birthday, Bridal Party Favors and more.

NECK LINX are revolutionary for mens style. Its been over 100 years since a new man’s accessory has been invented. NECK LINX did it. The styling is unique in its comfort system with the easy attachment of magnets at the collar and the NECK LINX themselves. The LINK TABS are held in place inside the collar and the NECK LINX will attach to the outside collar as opposed to wrapping around the neck. This is a fashion neckwear design that has never been seen before in the industry. NECK LINX are comfortable, yet stable and stylish accessory in a variety of combinations. This combination of magnets and neckwear is creating a new niche market in an already current, dull environment–a true departure from the “uniform” typical suit.

A benefit is the time savings attachment method; it just clicks into place and can be adjusted for comfort and keep the neck area cooler. Hair Shots is an on the go hair sweetening product. It is a heat activated hair perfume. All hair types can use it. It will not add oil Or dry your hair out. Hair Shots are perfect for sports, Pilates or just a great Long lasting scent after you shampoo. Try: Apple Pear, Strawberry, Coconut Mango and more.

Grab Green is an amazing line of eco-responsible home care products. The brand promise: effective, eco responsible, healthier, amazing fragrances. From Laundry, to Automatic dishwashing detergent, garbage disposal cleaners, room and fabric fresheners and more, all of the products are made from naturally derived, plant and mineral based ingredients.If we get the packaging: New packaging that offers a true sensory experience. New cookware and bakeware cleaner can be used on the finest cookware and bakeware. Just sprinkle the powder, let soak for 5 or 10 minutes. No scrubbing!

COUPON CODE: DAWNGG30 for Offer: 30% off of online purchase at

Websites :


Whats in your fridge?

Posted on: March 17th, 2015

Deadly Toxins Lurking in the Fridge

Carla Lee Johnston: Founder and President of One Team Humanity Foods, Evolutionary, Managing Member for The Truth Movie, LLC.

The hot topic today in the general health world is GMO’s—Genetically Modified Organisms. Who’s behind these hidden deadly pesticides, toxins and man-made fake foods and what are they doing to our health?

“GMO’s are now in 75-95% of our American crops and hidden killers inside of things such as corn, soy, sugar beets, alfalfa, canola, cotton, papaya, zucchini, and yellow squash. And, if the bio-techs companies have their way will soon be in salmon, apples (just happened) and more.

Common Ingredient’s Derived from GMO Risk Crops:
Canola Oils (in almost all fast and restaurant food today) Soy Amino Acids, Aspartame (nearly all chewing gums and soft drinks), Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Ascorbate, Vitamin C, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Ethanol, Flavorings (“natural” and “artificial”), High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Lactic Acid, Maltodextrins, Molasses, Monosodium Glutamate, Sucrose, Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), Xanthan Gum, Vitamins, Yeast Products and 40 other hidden labelings as “extracts.”

These are toxins we are ingesting when we purchase and eat these foods from our grocers’ shelves, fast and high end restaurants and when you connect the dots further, you will find GMO’s in dairy, cheese, eggs, and all non-organic meats as animals are now being force-fed GMO grain and even grass-fed labeling is deceptive as it likely means that the meat is corn-finished with GMO grain.

Expert Carla Lee Johnston discusses how being proactive in your eating habits, educating yourself and consuming natural organic ingredients will lead to a more prosperous life.

Carla Lee Johnston can address this by answering the following questions:

* How does keeping track of our ingredients help us avoid health issues?
* Is there any such thing as overreacting when it comes to our health?
* Why are GMO’s so damaging to our bodies and health?
* What kind of ingredients should we be cautious of digesting into our system?

Meet Carla Lee Johnston

Carla Johnston

Carla Johnston

Raw. Unfiltered. Evolutionary.

Founder & President of ONETEAM HUMANITY FOODS, dba: Nutburgers. Carla Lee Johnston is dedicated to finding ways to feed people with truth about what is really in our food and water and provide nutritional information and resources to empower us about the food choices we can make to regain our sovereign rights to choose what goes into our bodies, our hearts and mind.

“Today, our ignorance is no longer bliss—it’s deadly.” Learn more about how you can contribute to the health and well-being of your life and loved ones today.

* Founder and President of One Team Humanity Foods
* Inventor of The NutBurger
* Evolutionary Health Expert
* World Renowned Humanitarian
* Champion against Poverty and Hunger in our Bodies, our Minds and our Hearts


Angie Harmon collaborates with Red Earth

Posted on: March 16th, 2015


Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon


Presale Slated For March 13-22 at

March 12, 2015 / Nashville, TN – Ethical lifestyle accessories brand Red Earth is set to unveil a new jewelry collection designed by actress Angie Harmon on Thursday, April 16. Aligned with Red Earth culture, pieces from this collection, ANGIE HARMON X RED EARTH, are all created from recycled materials that include old locks, door knobs and bone from Africa. Designed in the U.S. and handmade in Kenya, Red Earth works directly with exquisite artisans in Africa to help grow and support their businesses, to create jobs and further commerce. The line will be available for presale starting tomorrow via the Red Earth website,, March 13-22. Prices range from $30 – $195. This is Red Earth’s first celebrity partnership.

Red Earth Founder Travis Gravette says of the collaboration with Harmon, “We are so excited to release this collection. Angie was the perfect partner. Her sense of design and fashion is totally in sync with our brand and she gets the heart of our company to use business for good.”

ANGIE HARMON X RED EARTH delivers signature creations unique to Angie including symbolic skull designs and other distinctively rustic handmade pieces. A percentage of all revenue of this collection will go to UNICEF, of which Angie is an ambassador.

Harmon adds, “It was such an amazing experience working with the Red Earth team on this collection. Each handmade piece is unique and that is what gives this collection so much substance and character.”

ANGIE HARMON X RED EARTH has already received positive early attention. The celebrity designer was on hand in Nashville (where Red Earth is headquartered) last month to preview the private label collection for a slew of the city’s most influential tastemakers, celebrities and trendsetters.


Red Earth is an ethical lifestyle brand creating jewelry with a rugged elegance, skillfully crafted abroad. We cultivate hope and opportunity through fashion. Red Earth is telling a different story about Africa, one of beauty and entrepreneurship, not charity. The Company helps these African artisans grow their businesses to create even more jobs- this is about using business for good in a country with 40% unemployment. Red Earth is a direct trade business and works in tandem with these artists to ensure that every employee is treated and paid fairly. The artists set their own prices and Red Earth pays 50% upfront and 50% once the projects are complete.

A sibling duo, Travis Gravette and Katy McDonald, have a rich history in their philanthropic efforts. In 2006, Travis personally founded Think Know Act, a non-profit to empower local leaders in Africa who are working to end extreme poverty in their own communities. This socially-conscious family works day in and day out to help grow the working middle class in Africa with Red Earth as their vehicle.


Born in Dallas, Texas, Angie Harmon is best known for her starring role as Assistant District Attorney Abbie Carmichael on NBC’s Emmy®-winning drama Law & Order. Angie currently stars in the TNT hit drama “Rizzoli & Isles” as police detective Jane Rizzoli for which she won a 2015 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Actress. The show is currently airing their 5th season and will return for a 6th season this summer.

Harmon was appointed UNICEF Ambassador in January 2013, and is committed to using her talent and recognition to fundraise, educate and advocate on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable children. For the past two years, she has appeared as the spokesperson for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s End Trafficking Project, raising awareness about child trafficking and mobilizing communities to take meaningful action to help protect children.

Harmon’s many film roles include the lead role of “Abby” in the Sony Screen Gems feature film The Good Mother and a starring role opposite Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan in the independent feature film Seraphim Falls. She was also seen in Fun With Dick and Jane and Agent Cody Banks.

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